Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sunset On the Year of Our Lord 2015 - December 31, 2015

Genesis 8:22(New International Reader's Version)
22 "As long as the earth lasts,
there will always be a time to plant
and a time to gather the crops.
As long as the earth lasts,
there will always be cold and heat.
There will always be summer and winter,
day and night."

Today marks the last day and the last sunset on the Year of Our Lord 2015. Another year in the history books, both in the world and in our individual lives. What did this year bring to you? What is it one to remember, or would it be one that you would rather forget? As you contemplate what was, how will it affect what is to be?

For me, the end of each year is bittersweet; there is always the wonderful and blessed times, and there are the difficulties and challenges I would rather not live through again. I wonder why God allowed the things to happen that did, and I hold on to the promise that the New Year will be better than the last. Although it leaves me a little melancholy, I am hopeful that God will work everything out for my good.

As we leave 2015, we need to meditate on what God intends for us in 2016. What is His will for our lives? What does He want to accomplish through us? What impact does He want us to make? How does He want us to serve His kingdom? What old challenges will He resolve and what new ones will He allow us to experience?

As you leave 2015, don't forget to lift up the New Year in prayer. Thank Him for His goodness and the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to show us God's will, and cling closely to our intercessor before the Father's throne, Jesus. If you know Him, you are in good hands. If you do not, let 2016, let tonight be the moment that you surrender your life to Him. Let Jesus Christ give you the life change you need to make the best out of the new Year of Our Lord, 2016. Happy New Year!

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