Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Intimacy With God - November 5, 2014

Psalm 63:1-8(GOD’S WORD Translation)
1 O God, you are my God. At dawn I search for you.
My soul thirsts for you. My body longs for you
in a dry, parched land where there is no water.

2So I look for you in the holy place to see your power and your glory.
3My lips will praise you
because your mercy is better than life itself.
4So I will thank you as long as I live.
I will lift up my hands to pray in your name.

5You satisfy my soul with the richest foods.
My mouth will sing your praise with joyful lips.
6As I lie on my bed, I remember you.
Through the long hours of the night, I think about you.

7You have been my help.
In the shadow of your wings, I sing joyfully.
8My soul clings to you.
Your right hand supports me.

We are all creatures that require intimacy. We need to have a closeness with others, and deep in our spirit we need intimacy with God. Every heart has a lonely vacuum that has to be filled, and if we don't fill it with God, we try and fill it with the emptiness that the world offers. Sooner or later we are empty again and on the hunt for a refill from the things of this world. Only with an intimate relationship through Jesus Christ can we ever hope to be completely and forever filled.

Jesus took on human flesh to be able to identify with us and to have a reltionship; He longs for intimacy with us. As David sought closeness with God in the psalm above, so too we must seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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