Thursday, February 6, 2014

Living Through "Job's Life" Part 10 - February 6, 2014

Job 11:1-6(New Living Translation)
1 Then Zophar the Naamathite replied to Job:
2 “Shouldn’t someone answer this torrent of words?
Is a person proved innocent just by a lot of talking?
3 Should I remain silent while you babble on?
When you mock God, shouldn’t someone make you ashamed?

4 You claim, ‘My beliefs are pure,’
and ‘I am clean in the sight of God.’

5 If only God would speak;
if only he would tell you what he thinks!
6 If only he would tell you the secrets of wisdom,
for true wisdom is not a simple matter.
Listen! God is doubtless punishing you
far less than you deserve!

Talking about piling on! Once again Job's friend rebukes him, instead of being encouraging during a difficult time. To take it a step further, Zophar so believes that Job is guilty before God, that he believes that Job needs to repent for his actions. Repentance means to turn from your sinful ways and walking the way of righteousness. But this was not the reason for Job's difficulty. He had every write to complain to God for what was being done to him.

The lesson that we all can learn from this is that a true friend needs to be there to bring comfort and a listening ear, but any judgments and solutions need to be measured against the situation. Many times people suffer through no fault of their own; a true friend offers a loving touch, not a judgmental beat down. In those circumstances it is best to offer prayer and an offer of assistance. Believe me, your friend will remember when you stood with them and helped carry their burden. That is the way Jesus Christ does it, and His love will show through in your doing the same.

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