Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Defense of Zion - September 5, 2012

Psalm 129(New International Reader's Version)

1 Here is what Israel should say:

Many times my enemies have beaten me down ever since I was a young nation.

2 Many times my enemies have beaten me down ever since I was a young nation, but they haven't won the battle.

3 They have made deep wounds in my back. It looks like a field a farmer has plowed.

4 The Lord does what is right. Sinners had tied me up with ropes. But the Lord has set me free.

5 May all those who hate Zion be driven back in shame.

6 May they be like grass that grows on the roof of a house. It dries up before it can grow.

7 There isn't enough of it to fill a person's hand. There isn't enough to tie up and carry away.

8 May no one who passes by say to those who hate Zion, "May the blessing of the Lord be on you. We bless you in the name of the Lord."

As things go from bad to worse in the Middle East, and as the Obama Administration stealthily distances the U.S. from supporting Israel, I thought it would be good to review what's going on. In the U.N. the Palestinians are calling for their own seperate state; I for one believe that that would be the beginiing of the end for Israel, rather than a new Palestinian state. The truth is that this issue has been kept alive by those who hate the Jews for decades, and they are their true goal is the destruction of Israel. You need only look at the the seal for their U.N. Mission to realize their actual intent. It does not include two states, but one country of Palestine.

Many would say, good for them because Isreal has occupied them for years. But this issue has been co-opted by the media for as long as I can remember. Many of the seeds of the modern-day conflict were planted in this area of the Middle East by the British before and after they defeated Turkey in World War I; and it is important for everyone to study this issue on the British Mandate for Palestine before siding with either party in this conflict. The truth is that Israel has been under attack by its Arab neighbors since the U.N. declared it a nation in 1947, and the lands they now "occupy" are a result of the wars they fought against Arab attacks in the 1967 War, the Six Day War, and in the 1972 War, the Yom Kippur War.

Telling Israel just to give it back to those who attacked them is like telling the United States to give California and the Southwestern U.S. back to Mexico; I am sure we would do that. It is also like having the British give Northern Ireland back to the Ireland. Only Israel has been hounded for decades to yield to those who wish to destory it, and for some reason the world relishes in doing so. God long ago knew that this tiny piece of land would be a source of trouble, and He mentioned it many times throughout His word. Our responsibilty as Christians is to first know the facts about the History of Israel, and then to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

As we mark this situation, that has eerie parallels to what is written in Bible prophecy, let us pray that God in His divine wisdom will bring peace to this part of the world, and let us never give up urging our Nation to always support this island of democracy in the Middle East.

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