Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Heart of Praise! - September 16, 2012

Psalm 150(New Living Translation)
1 Praise the Lord!

Praise God in his sanctuary;
praise him in his mighty heaven!
2 Praise him for his mighty works;
praise his unequaled greatness!
3 Praise him with a blast of the ram’s horn;
praise him with the lyre and harp!
4 Praise him with the tambourine and dancing;
praise him with strings and flutes!
5 Praise him with a clash of cymbals;
praise him with loud clanging cymbals.
6 Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

When times are difficult and tough, there is always something to be thankful for. I have also found that if we approach our difficulty with praise and thanksgiving, then it is much easier to overcome the obstacle in front of us. To "move mountains" and to overcome what many are experiencing, let's approach this Thanksgiving with continuous praise and giving thanks to our God.

Start today by listing what you are thankful for in this year. Over the next few days, we will daily lift up praise to our Lord and King. Today, I give thanks for the salvation that God has given us through His mercy and grace. I thank Him for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior who continually reminds me through the Holy Spirit of His love for me.

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