Friday, May 6, 2011

Epilogue: National Day of Prayer - May 6, 2011

Psalm 85:7-13 (New International Reader's Version)
7 Lord, show us your faithful love.
Save us.

8 I will listen to what God the Lord will say.
He promises peace to his faithful people.
But they must not return to their foolish ways.

9 I know he's ready to save those who have respect for him.
Then his glory can be seen in our land.

10 God's truth and faithful love join together.
His peace and holiness kiss each other.

11 His truth springs up from the earth.
His holiness looks down from heaven.

12 The Lord will certainly give what is good.
Our land will produce its crops.

13 God's holiness leads the way in front of him.
It prepares the way for his coming.

For many, our Nation seems to be in its sunset years. Many miss how it used to be. It is often said that we have seen our better days, and unfortunately many Christians have prepared themselves for the end. I have often thought that its like a bunch of people sitting on a bus, waiting to leave, but doing nothing to fill the empty seats. In fact the door is shut and those outside don't even know to get on board.

Yes, we wait expectedly for the return of our Savior Jesus, we long to be with Him in Heaven, but God expects more from us. Giving up is not an option in God's plans. We all have a job to do; He has patiently given us more time, not to sit around waiting, but to allow each of us to do our part for His Kingdom. There is much work to still be done, and many in this country and this world still need to hear about the love of God. Many need to understand the sacrifice that Christ has made to redeem us to Himself. There is still time and there is still hope.

Our duty for this Nation and this world is for us to pray for God to save us. We need to be about seeking God to have mercy on His creation, and to allow us to be about His business. We need to be about helping God turn the hearts of those in our Nation back to Him, asking for His forgiveness and His grace. If we will be dilligent, He will hear us and "The Lord will certainly give what is good. Our land will produce its crops." He will restore us once again.

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