Friday, January 7, 2011

Transitions - January 7, 2011

Psalm 25:12-13 (GOD’S WORD Translation)
12Who, then, is this person that fears the Lord? He is the one whom the Lord will teach which path to choose. 13He will enjoy good things in life, and his descendants will inherit the land.

There are times in life when we are faced with a transition, a "fork in the road". It may be because of a job loss, or a divorce, or the death of a family member or good friend, or it may be because we have found ourselves at a dead-end. No matter the reason, all of us will come to a place where we will have to choose a different direction to go; a transition that we will have to go through.

I have known this first hand. There comes a time when one thing ends and it is time to choose another. We're faced with trepidation, uncertainty and fear, and we do not want to make the wrong decision for ourselves, or in my case, for the family. It can almost be debilitating. We can become "frozen" in our tracks, not knowing what to do. And in the end, we resign ourselves that we have to go through the transition; the change; down a different path.

When faced with this situation, what do you do? If we are believers, we can thank God that He is there to help us. We can be glad that He never changes and He will "never leave us or forsake us". God has our best interest at heart, and He will not lead us to down the wrong path. The journey might not be the smoothest, but in the end, we know that He has decided our destination. He will make sure that we will get there in one piece. Now that is a promise that you can hold on to!

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