Sunday, July 18, 2010

Giving God Proper Glory - July 18, 2010

1 Chronicles 16:23-29 (New International Version)
23 Sing to the LORD, all the earth;
proclaim his salvation day after day.

24 Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

25 For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
he is to be feared above all gods.

26 For all the gods of the nations are idols,
but the LORD made the heavens.

27 Splendor and majesty are before him;
strength and joy in his dwelling place.

28 Ascribe to the LORD, O families of nations,
ascribe to the LORD glory and strength,

29 ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name.
Bring an offering and come before him;
worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.

Luke 19:37-40 (New Century Version)

37 As he was coming close to Jerusalem, on the way down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of followers began joyfully shouting praise to God for all the miracles they had seen. 38 They said,
"God bless the king who comes in the name of the Lord! — Psalm 118:26

There is peace in heaven and glory to God!"

39 Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, "Teacher, tell your followers not to say these things."

40 But Jesus answered, "I tell you, if my followers didn't say these things, then the stones would cry out."

Do you call yourself a Christian, yet your life seems a bit confusing and without direction? Do you wonder sometimes if God is really in every circumstance? Do you wonder sometimes why don't things get better? Maybe its because you are not giving God the glory He is due. Maybe its because you are not setting the right first priority in your life, to give God thanks and glory in every situation.

I heard a great sermon today from Matthew Hagee, son of John Hagee from Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. He spoke about that giving God the glory He was due preceded every battle that Israel engaged in that they won the victory. He also mentioned that when Paul and Barnabas were imprisoned that when they sang praises and gave God glory the chains fell of and all of the prisoners were freed that night. Every great move or victory, both literally and spiritually, was accompanied by giving God worship and glory.

I checked the references and what Pastor Matthew was saying made alot of sense to me. Maybe I wasn't considering God and giving Him glory enough in all of my life's circumstances, whether they were good or bad. Often times as the pressures of life and the circumstances of the present economy weigh in on me, I don't think about having a worshipful heart and giving Him praise and glory at the moment. But that is the very time where I need to have confidence in God, because He has placed me in that particular situation for His purpose, to bring Him glory. I need to reach up in joy and prayerfully give Him the glory for the victory I will attain committing that situation to Him.

Want to be more effective and succesful in your life? Make it a habit to give God more glory in your life. Be sure that you are giving thanks for all things in your life. The very reason you are living and breathing is because of Him. You need to give Him thanks each mroning that He has given you life and another day to go out and serve Him with joy and thanksgiving. Make it a habit (and pass the habit on to your children and grandchildren)to pray and give thanks before every meal. Thank God continually for the successes in your life. Give thanks in the midst of every storm, giving God thanks in advance for the victory that will be won.

Be sure that you do not neglect taking time out each week to go to a good, bible preaching, praise giving, worshipful church, where you give Him glory and a portion of your time in worship. Thank Him for every paycheck you earn, and worship Him by bringing your tithes and offerings to the house of worship you support. Finally as you end your day, give Him thanks and glory for the things He has done in your life that day, and praise Him for all things.

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