Friday, January 22, 2010

Trivial Pursuit - January 22, 2010

Matthew 6:24 (New International Reader's Version)24 "No one can serve two masters at the same time. He will hate one of them and love the other. Or he will be faithful to one and dislike the other. You can't serve God and Money at the same time.

How often did you think about Money this week? You worked for it. You spent it. Maybe you saved it. You gave it as an allowance, or a present. You made some, you lost some. I am sure that you were constantly bombarded by the pursuit of Money. Why does it take so much Money to live in this day and age! Almost everything has a "price tag" on it; homes; cars; food; entertainment; education; everything. From our earliest recollection we have been trapped in a "material world", in pursuit of riches and money.

Even if we try to not focus on Money, we focus our energies and efforts to make sure that our personal and household fianances are in order before we do anything else. Jesus spoke about this subject while he was delivering his sermon on a Gallilean mountainside, called The Sermon on the Mount in our Bibles. He rightly points out that money and finances can become the "Master" of our lives, and he cautions us against serving both God and Money.

Living a life dedicated to investing in "Next Worth" focuses on the other Master, God. We need to make a conscious choice and effort to focus on the pursuit of God rather than money. In his statements right after this verse (Matthew 6:31-33), Jesus points out that we should not worry about the material things of this world, but if we seek the things of God first, everything else will be taken care of for us.

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